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My post of recent, talks about Eworkpay and Eworkpay services. After most of the posts; People are asking:

  1. what is EworkPay?
  2. How does it work and any good from doing Ework?
  3. How can I start and join the eworkpay?

So many questions everyday from my post, so I decided to create this broadcast message to answer the *questions*

What is Eworkpay?

Ework (is) a digital service(s) people do online and get paid for it. You earn commission carrying out small activities on daily basis. Activities includes visiting other people site and getting paid, downloading or testing an app and getting paid, sharing adverts to your WhatsApp and Facebook timelines, reading and writing relevant information and getting paid for doing it, etc.

Do Eworkpay service pay or provide a good source of secondary income source?

Yes , Eworkpay services does pay and you can rely on it as your secondary income source.

Its less harmful and less stressed.

I know some of you will be like, how will such a company or site pay such amount, how does the company generate money used to be paying their members steadily. Keep following and reading

How do Ework service website or companies get money to pay their Eworkers?

Its very simple, this company gets quality clients known as Advertisers, who come to the company for a business service. This advertisers might be a site owner or business owner, he or she might need people to test a particular site and drop a short review there after their visiting. Some advertisers are affiliate marketer and they might need members to subscribe to an affiliate program with their Email address, etc. So, all this requests come into the site and the advertisers are charge for the service order. The order when approved is now shared to Eworkers to do and a commission is shared to all who participated on the task. The company has other source of income source which won’t be disclosed open. But be rest assured.
They’re legit and registered ®.


Are you struggling financially?

What can an extra 20_100k monthly do to your life?

 Do you need an extra source of income that doesn’t interfere with your current job?

Making money has never been easy but the norms have changed now, you can now earn more 5_6 figures online in a less stressful way using your smartphone as your online office.

Will you like to know how?

Come with me as I share this valuable information with you and show you how you can start tapping from this goldmine.


EworkPay digital service is an online business that pays you for doing small tasks .

You earn commission for every activities you carried out on daily basis.

Such activities You get paid for includes
  • Visit other people website & blogs
  • download and test apps
  • write review about a game
  • sign up for CPA and affiliates
  • watch videos
  • click Ads
  • Dropping your data (emails and phone numbers)
  • invite referrals…(etc)

You see, these are the normal things you do on social media and it’ll be SMART if you get paid doing them.

But I must WARN you, this business is for a specific group of people and only those who meet up with these requirements will be allowed to work with Eworkpay.

Read on to find out if you’re qualified.

EworkPay is

  1. for people who are tired of wasting their life/data on social media without doing anything productive.
  2. for people looking for a hard not to do business that provides an earning potential so they can support themselves financially.
  3. for people who are action oriented and able to get small tasks done.
  4. for people who believes they can turn their smartphone into a money making machine.

If this is you and you fit into this category, then I welcome you to EWORKPAY DIGITAL SERVICE where you earn commission for doing simple tasks.

To get started, you pay a onetime fee of #1200 as your registration fee and you’re in.

What it means is that you’re eligible to make money from Eworkpay by doing those simple tasks as shown above.

P.s You cash out without referral.

So what are you waiting for? 


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