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Invest your time and efforts on becoming a promoter on eworkpay and earn up to N20,000 Monthly.

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Sign up for an eworkpay account. Once signed up, you will be prompted to provide your domestic bank account information (so you can withdraw your earnings), after which you can subscribe and start sharing. You have a network of friends who share common interests with you – and businesses on eworkpay are willing to pay you to reach them. Your timeline is digital real estate, valuable real estate. Think of it as renting out space on your timeline. Monetize your Facebook account. Make it pay.


Share a business

Once you’ve subscribed and completed your profile, you will be able to access your account dashboard where you can begin sharing. On your dashboard, you can then choose a business or social cause you think your network of family and friends will be interested in to share. It is important to note, however, that to discourage spammy behaviour, we do not pay you for sharing directly. Your shared link has to be clicked at least once. As soon as your link is clicked, we’ll pay you (the amount you are paid is determined by your membership plan). You can only share once a day, and you can begin sharing from the very moment you complete your subscription. We advise, however, that you only share things that you personally approve. Things that you either have used, would use, or would recommend.


Get paid.

When signing up, you will provide a bank account. On the day before your subscription ends, you can withdraw all your earnings to this bank account. Usually, you’ll receive your funds within minutes, or at most, a few hours. You’ve worked for your money, and you can be sure we’ll stop at nothing to ensure you get paid. No. Matter. What. A word of caution though. This isn’t a get-rich-quick website. Sure, you can make some serious $$$ here if you try, but if you want instant results with no effort, you’ve come to the wrong place, and you’d better get a move on – au revoir, monsieur! It isn’t like sharing is a lot of work; it’ll only take 5 minutes daily. If you can’t handle that, then you probably can’t handle anything else. And that would be very sad, amigo.

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Simple and transparent

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We always deliver our sponsored contents to our users on time and make payments too on time.

Hard working

We make sure that both the advertisers and promoters get maximum satisfaction.

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We are always there for you anytime you need our help.


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If you want to make real money by means of sharing sponsored posts, try eworkpay now
Amanda Nnaji
I used eworkpay to advertise my product to thousands of people out there and they delivered rightly.
Adam Charles
Eworkpay is just the right ads network for you.
Alvin Success

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